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September 03 2013


Baiyu - THE ONE (2013 New Song)

new music 2013

Artists are less valuable to record labels today than previously. Record labels was once dedicated to the talent they brought in. Prior to the Internet, the whole process of finding marketable talent was long, hard work, requiring numerous expenses and lots of time. It is easy to understand why it absolutely was inside the record label's interest to cultivate the talent they found, rather than keep looking for the "next big thing". Developing talent produced better artists that stayed in the market longer--based on their growing degree of talent along with a mutually beneficial relationship with the music label.

Today, artists are increasingly being forgotten as fast as they're being found, and being tricked into signing contracts that are nearly imprisoning. YouTube and reality TV have replaced the talent scout, allowing record labels to make relatively small investments in mediocre talent which they may then treat just like a bowl of desperate wet noodles--throw all of them from the wall, see what sticks.

Repeat all over again...

How has it gotten to now?

��������� Just how labels discover talent is different.
��������� The way people purchase music has changed.
��������� The labels find new talent, rather than provide the talent they've got.
��������� The artist, generally, is now less valuable to some label.

Changes in the music activity industry have come to be, due to the fact labels want to survive in the world where people shall no longer be buying CDs. Before, labels made money according to album sales alone; however, today, labels are signing artists to "360 deals" which now just take a percentage of album sales, but also merchandise, touring, appearances, etc. Artists are suffering one of the most, stopping their work for expected profits in the 1% range.

As a music artist, is there still work to be had in the music business?

While it may seem like a scary here we are at the background music artist, there is certainly hope, as artists are learning to leverage the web much the same way presentation are. Through on the web self-promotion, artists can take advantage of low-cost great things about mass exposure, enabling the largest profit margins ever.

Today's successful music artist is equally as much an entrepreneur as whatever else.

Today's artist is a brand, a business, nearly as much as he or she is an origin of talent.

Although it looks like successful people always locate a way--its encouraging to know that music artists and bands are no different.

new music 2013
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